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The Photohoot® is here!

Whats up guys!

Last year we contemplated the idea of including a photobooth with our photography package, but had no clue how to go about it! I thought of so many set ups, researched online, and eventually tossed idea after idea as nothing I saw came close to what I wanted to offer — good quality and INSTANT PRINTS.

So for a year I continued to contemplate, research and read. I bought some real nice and unique props, purchased a good printer, used my old studio setup and one of the many backdrops I already owned…lol…made a visit to Ikea, had our original logo designer come up with a nice little logo and came up with a name for our booth. Lastly and most importantly, I got together with the best team I can probably have to run the booth, my own family.

Last weekend while I was running behind my wonderful couple — Angie, Chanel and Tito, set up shop and made what once was just a silly idea, come to life!…As you can see this not really your conventional booth inside a box and I actually prefer it this way. It definitely gives people more room to squeeze in. Anyway, we still have some tweaking to do but we wouldn’t know what to fix without knowing what’s broken first right? Trial and error is your best teacher.

Can’t wait for the next wedding that we get to use our cool kick ass photobooth in!

I’d like to take a second to thank Alice + Matt, as well as their fun guests for taking full advantage and enjoying our PhotoHoot® !

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Wedding : Alicia + Harry @ The Venetian Garfield, NJ

Hello world!

Remember this lovely couple’s engagement shoot Well, they have officially been husband + wife for a little over a month now!

Alicia + Harry tied the knot on Saturday, May 18th at The Venetian in Garfield, New Jersey. We met up with Alicia and her family at around 10:00AM, while they were getting ready for the big day. Alicia is the most self- sufficient bride EVER… She did her own make-up which was oh so gorgeous! and mom did her hair. Her sister’s also did their own make-up and hair…. talk about a talented group of gals? Mom’s been in the make-up business for years and these girls were taught early. Speaking of talent…one Alicia’s sister’s created a lovely personalized hanger where Alicia’s incredibly dreamy dress was hung. Oh and in the topic of “dreamy dresses” — can we talk about that perfect creation of a dress? I loved her dress and my friend’s friends loved the dress. Alicia could not have worn it more beautifully.

The room was what you could expect… lots of running around from one side to the other. Every possible electrical outlet being occupied by either a hair tool or a cell phone charging, every mirror displaying the reflection of someone applying make-up or fixing up their tie, but there was such an overwhelming feeling of joy, anticipation and excitement! Alicia must’ve asked for the time 784734738 times! But I’m beginning to think that’s the average for brides…lol.

The ceremony was incredibly beautiful and quite funny. Every guest was reminded of how Alicia + Harry the individuals, became Alicia + Harry the couple. We were taken back to the beginnings of their relationship with their college days at Penn State, to more present times where they’ve shared trips, stood by each other’s side through exciting milestones like Harry’s graduation from Harvard Law school, different careers and of course a home. Shortly after the ceremony, it was time to party and enjoy the day with friends and family.

Harry and Alicia’s day was filled with so much love and laughter. We really enjoyed being a part of their day and wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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Wedding : Janet + Bobby @ Marina Del Rey Bronx, New York

Hi friends!

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of shooting Janet + Bobby’s wedding, we were a bit stressed the days prior to the big day day because it seemed as though the weather was going to be terrible, raining all day. This was literally the forecast up until the night before, somehow someway I only remember a slight drizzle in the morning and I kid you not the sky literally opened up at the exact time of the portraits, besides some wind and low temperature for the season, mother nature really gave us a break.

My day started at Janet’s house at around 9:30 am and ended at the amazingly beautiful Marina Del Rey in the Bronx I’d like to say around midnight, I didn’t realize how long of a day it was till after, because to be honest I was having sooooo much fun with Janet, Bobby, the incredibly charismatic bridal party and by the time we reached The Marina Del Rey, time realllyyy flew. Listening to the Maid of Honor and Best Man’s speeches, watching Janet’s Younger sister perform an incredibly well choreoghraphed dance and the awesome host and DJ who kept the party pumping from beginning to end, I really hope the bride and groom were able to soak it all in at the moment, because it was so much fun it felt like time was going at double speed. Either way J + B if you guys couldn’t fully appreciate the awesomeness of your day on the actual day, i hope now that things have settled you can revisit your special day through these photographs and let it sink in now, you guys did and amazing job and were a pleasure to work with.

Best wishes to Janet + Bobby from Elkin + Angie.

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Chanel AguileraJune 11, 2013 - 9:27 pm

AMAZING!! The wedding looked like a blast!

Event : ICSF Silent Auction @ Rockefeller Center Observatory Deck NYC

Typically I dont post any of my photography ventures outside of the wedding/maternity/children stuff on here, but this was such a nice event I wanted to share it.

I’ve been doing freelance work for ICSF (Inner City Scholarship Fund) for a little over 2 years and its been a pleasure, met some really kind people, visited many of the schools funded by this program and even got to photograph Cardinal Dolan on multiple occasions!

This year the silent auction was held at The Top of the Rock, an observation deck which gives you both North and South view of the NYC skyline by simply taking a few steps, truly amazing venue!

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Engagement : Lauren + Joe @ Flushing Meadows Park Queens, NY

Hello Friends!

We met this beautiful couple for their engagement shoot this past Sunday in Flushing Meadow Park. Lauren grew up in Queens and was very familiar with the park as she spent a lot of time there as a child. Across the park is Citi field, meaningful to both, her and Joe as they are both big Mets fans. And, as a BIG Yankee fan, that’s all I’ll say about the Mets in this post..lol.

Our shoot started at the playground. Picture 4 adults strolling around a park where signs of “No adults are allowed without Children” frame the park. I tell you, we literally have the BEST clients –“game for everything” doesn’t even begin to justify their attitude. We had tons of fun at the playground, politely waiting our turn to “ride the train” and enjoy the “fun sized” playhouses. We continued our way into the park stopping by the Unisphere, the Hall of Science Center all with a few hops, jumps, skips and many, many twirling moments – I think is safe to say that Joe + Lauren are set for their wedding dance. JThree miles later, we ended at City field and around a few dark industrial looking alleys were again, Joe and Lauren were more than game to stop for a few shots. We had a great time with these two super laid back and fun folks. They made us laugh constantly and consistently inspired Elkin to reach for the camera to capture moments where they might’ve forgotten we existed…lol.

Thank you Lauren + Joe for such a fun time! We can’t wait to share in your special day!

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[…] think a big part of that is because Lauren and Joe are simply fun, fun people! (Don’t believe me? See for yoursef!) as are their families and friends.   They are the type of people who make your job as a […]