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Lotus Tigerlilly Love’s 1st Birthday!

Hi Friends!

So this past weekend, Elkin and I had the pleasure of photographing Lotus’s very first birthday party.  We had such an amazing time at this party! Franna–Lotus’s mom, found us by virtue of an internet search (our second! so thrilled that we are really getting out there) and contacted us to set up the birthday party.  We had been emailing for weeks and following up and making sure that all was set.  The day finally came and we found ourselves in her sister’s gorgeous home in Long Island.  Franna had set up pretty tents in the backyard where the party was held.  A few guests were already there by the time we arrived, so we immediately got to work.  Within 10 minutes of being in this party, we felt like guests rather than vendors.  Franna, Alex–Lotus’s daddy, and her sisters will not stop telling us to eat, drink and relax…lol. They were too sweet! Lotus was a delight to shoot! She is not  walking yet, but everytime we found her in someone’s arm, she found herself behind our lens.  She has such an amazing personality, very sweet and affectionate.  We did not have a hard time getting her attention but she would make the funniest faces when Elkin had the camera down and was reviewing pictures…lol. Elkin found a great spot in the backyard where the natural lighting could NOT have been more perfect for pictures– the sun was just our best friend there, so we found ourselves directing a lot of the guests to that location which we rarely do as we want to capture people in their own element. Regardless of this aspect, this group made for excellent candids even at a “pre-arranged location”  if you will. Anywho, this party was too much fun, all in attendance had a blast and I hope we were able to capture that.  Thank you Franna, Alex and their famililies for their wonderful hospitality! I hope we get to work with you and your precious Lotus again!

Carolyn RinconOctober 31, 2010 - 10:41 pm

Love these! Like I love all of these. When I see your birthday photos I get jealous that I wasn’t invited. Even though I don’t know these people. Or so I thought, as I’m scrolling down and down I then find Michael and Bevin Daly in these photos, good friends of mine. Small world!!

AngieOctober 22, 2010 - 9:08 pm

Amazing work love! Lotus is such a cutie pie!!

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