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Family studio session with Jack, Anna & James <3

Greetings Amigos!

Ahhh! what can I say about this session that isn’t already evident from the pictures!? This was a blast! Jack, Anna and James are just the cutest and most adoring siblings –EVER! Aside from gorgeous they had the sweetest and funniest personalities and were so good with each other.  Big brother Jack is the oldest of the three and he was such a great leader.  He took direction very well which made little sister Anna do the same.  He is clearly a stud and a serious baseball EN-CY-CLO-PEDIA! Taught me –- a self proclaim– baseball junkie, a thing or two about the game and the players! You will not hear Jack telling you his favorite baseball player is “Derek Jeter” Nope! There was baseball LONG before that and this kid knows it… too bad he roots for the Mets” lol. 😉  Anna was such a delight.  She was girly and so much fun! She enjoyed tutus, twirling and spinning and time behind the camera.  James – I got to hold and I didn’t want to let him go, AT ALL! He is just yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Getting a shot of all of them together may have been a little challenging lol. Ok it was.  Three different personalities, three different ages, three different wants… but they were so good and gave it their all.  Plus, parents Katherine and Luke, really, really helped so much! They did it all — jumped, hopped, skipped, sang, danced, fed, tickled, kissed, hugged – whatever it took to warrant a smile or a look to the camera.  Their support, patience and love towards their little ones and each other — made this shoot such a fun and easy going one! They may chuckle a bit at the word “easy”.. but it really was! Thank you both for sharing your beautiful family with us.

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