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Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Photohoot® is here!

Whats up guys!

Last year we contemplated the idea of including a photobooth with our photography package, but had no clue how to go about it! I thought of so many set ups, researched online, and eventually tossed idea after idea as nothing I saw came close to what I wanted to offer — good quality and INSTANT PRINTS.

So for a year I continued to contemplate, research and read. I bought some real nice and unique props, purchased a good printer, used my old studio setup and one of the many backdrops I already owned…lol…made a visit to Ikea, had our original logo designer come up with a nice little logo and came up with a name for our booth. Lastly and most importantly, I got together with the best team I can probably have to run the booth, my own family.

Last weekend while I was running behind my wonderful couple — Angie, Chanel and Tito, set up shop and made what once was just a silly idea, come to life!…As you can see this not really your conventional booth inside a box and I actually prefer it this way. It definitely gives people more room to squeeze in. Anyway, we still have some tweaking to do but we wouldn’t know what to fix without knowing what’s broken first right? Trial and error is your best teacher.

Can’t wait for the next wedding that we get to use our cool kick ass photobooth in!

I’d like to take a second to thank Alice + Matt, as well as their fun guests for taking full advantage and enjoying our PhotoHoot® !

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